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AIProctor remote online proctoring is an On-Demand solution that provides a neutral, secure, unbiased and convenient online testing platform for remote exams. It enables the institution to identify and track objectionable student behavior during the exam and detects/prevents exam cheating fraud. Coupled with our Artificially Intelligent Exam Cheating Detection Engine, our certified Human Proctors ensure that students adhere to the stringent testing standards of your institution. AIProctor authenticates the students IDs and diligently monitors/tracks them while, they take their exam securely over the internet. AIProctor is a catalyst in enhancing the student testing process and assists in improving remote testing integrity and exam/testing security.

A glimpse into our bleeding-edge features

Encrypted Data & Sessions

AIProctor provides secure end-to-end enterprise-grade double encryption while transmitting its data to our own custom-built highly secure Private Cloud. All data, videos and images is encrypted with the most advanced algorithms, ensuring safety and integrity of your institution’s data.