AIProctor for

AIProctor is a bleeding edge fully automated online proctoring solution that assists faculty in administrating remote online tests. Faculty members do not have to bother or worry about the time or location of the exam. They just need to upload the test in the LMS of their own choice (something which they already do). Exams can then be undertaken by students anywhere, anytime in the world. Instructors and faculty can save a significant amount of time when, it comes to conducting online exams because, AIProctor and our secondary safety net of highly trained human proctors basically do everything for you. AIProctor notifies faculty that, a student may be cheating in the exam. The instructor can go back to review any anomalies in the Exam Video that, may have occurred. AIProctor also facilitates institutions to adopt and facilitate a more global community, where students may not only interact in person but, also online in a secure and trusted manner.

AIProctor’s Unrivaled Features

Create exams just, as you would before

Create the exam just like you would normally do so in the LMS of your choice. AIProctor will automatically integrate with your LMS and seamlessly proctor the exam.

Simplicity in Motion: Enable AIProctor

Enable AIProctor using only a few clicks in your LMS. Customize your settings by simply toggling the desired proctoring features ON and OFF.

Verified Results

Assisted by our proprietary AI, our highly trained Human Proctors act as a secondary safety net and will review the exam video/audio and flag them down if any suspicious activity has occurred.

Single Click Enabling

Enable AIProctor with only a single click. Deploying the latest Artificial Intelligence, AIProctor is the most technologically advanced proctoring solution on the planet and monitors/prevents plagiarism and exam cheating fraud like NEVER BEFORE.