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Who Are We?

Disrupting, Detecting & Preventing Exam Cheating Fraud like NEVER BEFORE: We, the engineers at AIProctor have deployed cutting edge Artificially Intelligent (AI) algorithms to build the most technologically advanced Remote Online Proctoring App on the planet = BTW, we are very proud of our work!

Our Services

Super Simple Installation

Simple is better: Forget complex long-winded installations and simply install our Google Chrome extension in a few clicks. We have eliminated hectic procedures for installing and setting up an Online Exam Proctor

No Extra Logins Required

You don't have to login separately into your LMS. Our highly flexible system is able to integrate with your LMS with just a few clicks in no time at all

Intelligent Browser Lockdown

AIProctor's advanced and full customizable intelligent browser lock down service runs at the start of exam. Students can only perform a very limited number of actions permitted by your institution during the exam

Pay As You Go (Pay-Per-Exam)

Our unbeatable Pay-Per-Exam (PPE) pricing strategy is transparent, simple and friendly without any hidden charges. You can purchase exam proctoring credits in advance or pay just before the start of an exam

Artificially Intelligent Flagging

AIProctor intelligently flags the suspicious activities during the exam making it super-easy for our Human Proctors to review and grade suspicious activities conducted by the student during the exam

24x7x365 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team provides around the clock professional support services to assist instructors and students

Proctoring with Multiple Devices

AIProctor brings a new concept of monitoring the students by multiple proctoring devices. Multiple mobile smartphone/tablet devices placed in different angles during the exam prevent the student from cheating the multiple cameras involved in proctoring the exam

Automatic Mobile Phone Detection

In addition to tracking student activities on the laptop/desktop computer where the exam is being conducted, AIProctor also monitors and hinders suspicious exam activities on additional mobile devices as well. AIProctor monitors the student and identifies, if the student is using an ancillary mobile device during the exam

Automatic Mobile Phone Detection

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Track a Student's Location

AIProctor tracks the precise location of a student undertaking an exam. This helps Institutions restrict students attempting a quiz/exam to a specific location + Detects secondary devices to prevent Exam Cheating Fraud